University of Massachusetts BostonCS460 Graphics

After completing this course, you will be able to develop rich and interactive web-based 3D visualizations for computers, smartphones, and tablets! By using WebGL, you will learn to create immersive and high-quality graphics, including 3D geometric transformations, camera transformations, the image-rendering process, as well as materials and texture mapping. This course also includes advanced topics such as color representations, light simulation, dealing with geometries, and creating animations. And since everything runs in the browser, you can show your work to your friends with a link to a website-how cool is that!

Fall 2020 is fully virtual! Check the teasers..

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A hands-on experience based on
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Fall 2020
Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays
1:00p - 1:50p
Via Zoom and in Virtual 3D Land!

Asst. Prof. Daniel Haehn, PhD
McCormack, M-3-0201-02

Virtual Office hours: M / W / F at 2:00p-3:00p or email me

WebGL Example using XTK!

Lecture Videos and Slides

Lecture 1 - Introduction to WebGL (Slides)

Lecture 2 - Web Developer Tools (Slides)

Lecture 3 - JavaScript (Slides)

Lecture 4 - XTK Intro (Slides)

Lecture 5 - Scene and Camera (Slides)

Lecture 6 - Three.js (Slides)

Lecture 7 - The Rendering Pipeline (Slides)

Lecture 8 - Shaders (Slides)

Lecture 9 - WebGL I (Slides)

Lecture 10 - WebGL II (Slides)

Lecture 11 - WebGL III (Slides)

Lecture 12 - Transformations (Slides)

Lecture 13 - Transformations II (Slides)

Lecture 14 - The Scene Graph (Slides)

Lecture 15 - Quaternions (Slides)

Lecture 16 - The Arcball (Slides)